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  • Ashley Ellis

Telehealth...An Alternative Solution

Updated: Jul 11, 2019

We live in an age where our time is valuable and we are looking to manage multiple activities and commitments every day. It can be difficult enough to manage these without even adding in doctor's appointments, oil changes, vacations, or weekly therapy sessions. Online telehealth is a great alternative for people living a busy lifestyle that still want to practice active self care and receive the benefits of mental health therapy. It can also be great for clients who are less mobile and have difficulty leaving the house to even receive services.

Benefits of Online Telehealth Services:

Distance Does Not Matter

As long as you are a resident of California, a California telehealth therapist can see you if you are on vacation in New York or Italy if you wanted to. That means you can travel all you want and still have access to weekly therapy sessions. You are also no longer limited by just the clinicians in your area. This is especially important if you live in a more rural town where services can often be limited.

Scheduling that is Flexible

There are often more early morning or evening appointments available to clients via online telehealth. This can be important when you are balancing work, children, and other activities of daily living. You want to be able to schedule therapy when it is convenient for you and your family so that it is less stressful for you and does not feel like there is another thing added to your list of to-dos.

Time Saving

Sometimes the amount of time we spend in traffic going to and from and appointment as well as finding parking and waiting in a waiting room can be longer than what our session actually is. Online telehealth can be great in that you do not even have to leave the house to deal with these things.

Reduced Cost

When you utilize online teleheath options, you can seek out a therapist that has rates that work for you rather than only the options available to you physically in your area. Online services then also mean no cost to commute or having to pay for parking.

Quicker Access

Oftentimes when you are wanting to schedule with a therapist it is because you need support right then. This can be difficult when you need to schedule an appointment for an in-office session. With telehealth therapy, access to getting the support you need can be much faster.


Online services enable clients to receive support in the privacy of their own home or office. This can greatly support people that would otherwise not utilize these services in getting the help that they need.

Getting support and practicing self care can come in a lot of different forms. Telehealth is a great alternative, especially when a more traditional approach makes it difficult to receive services. Thinking outside the box and tailoring care to the individual has become an ever important part in providing therapy as well as other services. As technology and demands change, it will be exciting to see how much more opportunity there can be to get these individual needs met.

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